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Architect your enterprise data so that every single byte of data becomes usable and insightful.
A 360 Degree Data Engineering Solutions Package

Making Data Usable Is The First Step Towards Being a Data Driven Organisation!

Every organisation knows the value of data. Data driven organisations have a 23% more likelihood of acquiring new customers. Making sense of the data that your company generates will help you stay miles ahead of your competition. Yet collecting huge enterprise data from disparate sources, and making it usable and organised are some uphill tasks. This is where our Data Engineering services in India come into play.

Leverage our expertise to build robust data pipelines and transform unstructured or semi-structured data into usable insights. Our Data Engineering Services are built on top of automated data querying and collection mechanism. This means that you don’t have to do the menial task of collating data from various sources. You can keep focusing on more productive tasks.

At AutomationFactory, we believe in flexibility of technology. This is why we have a pretty wide tech stack which includes MYSQL, Microsoft SQL, Oracle  and PostgreSQL, Azure Data Lake and Synapse Analytics, Amazon S3 and AWS Glue, Hadoop, Spark, Azure DevOps and AWS Codepipeline – to name a few. You don’t have to accommodate our Data Engineering services in India, we will accommodate our services based on your unique needs and tech infrastructure.

At AutomationFactory, our Data Engineers will upgrade your Data pipeline without disrupting the flow of your day to day work by creating an alternative Data ingestion and Data prep pipeline.

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The Value of Data Engineering Services

Your team spends 25% of time in Data Ingestion
Your team spends 60% of time in Data Cleansing and organisation
Upto 73% of enterprise data remains unused

Reduce Data Ingestion time with our Data Engineering as a Service. At AutomationFactory, we build automated and repeatable Data Ingestion pipeline that you can reuse with little to no hand holding.  Ingest high volume, disparate data into your Data Lake and don’t worry about the cleansing part. Our Data Engineering services in India include Data Validation, Data Cleansing and Data Organisation. We understand that every business has its own unique use cases. With our Data Engineering Services, we process and organise data after carefully examining how YOUR business will use that Data. The result? Increased productivity for you team with 70% reduction in manual tasks like Data Ingestion or Data Prep. Get high ROI with our Data Engineering services.

Leverage Our Data Engineering Pipeline and Stand on The Shoulder of Big Data Analytics

Stay on top of Big Data with our end to end automated Big Data Engineering solution that's scalable and platform agnostic. With a proven track record of designing and implementing Data Engineering pipelines, our engineers will empower you to see the hidden insights behind your huge enterprise Data.
Data Analytics Can Only Be Successful If You Have a Robust Data Engineering Strategy In Place
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The Data Engineering service offered by Automation Factory ensures end to end automated ETL service. With Automation Factory by your side, you are empowered to tame Big Data and keep your team's productivity high.
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SmartData been helping organizations throughout the World to manage their IT with our unique approach to technology management and consultancy solutions.
big data companies
SmartData been helping organizations throughout the World to manage their IT with our unique approach to technology management and consultancy solutions.
big data companies
SmartData been helping organizations throughout the World to manage their IT with our unique approach to technology management and consultancy solutions.
How It Works!!

A 360 Degree Data Engineering Solution


The first step towards a successful execution of Data Engineering Service is automated Data Ingestion. At Automation Factory, we have the capability of orchestrating Data Ingestion from a wide variety of sources like sensors, social media, marketing, sales data, email and so many others.

Data Storage (Data Lake and Data Warehouse)

At AutomationFactory, our Data Engineers systematically store data into Data Lake with all the best practices in place. We carefully allow ingestion of only that Data which your company needs. Our Data Engineers take special care in managing/creating tags, properties, relationship, and other metadata so that you can find what you are searching for.

Data Cleansing

Haphazard data is of no use. With tools like AWS Glue or Apache Spark, our Data Engineers transform Big Data into manageable formats, process data in a way that makes sense for your business use case. We appreciate the importance of Data Warehouse as well.

Data Analytics

The primary purpose of Data Engineering is to transform raw data into usable one which can be used for analytics. Our Data Engineering services will keep your data always ready to be explored and analysed. What's more, our Data Engineers understand that data will be used by everybody in the organisation - regardless of technical expertise. So, we ensure that your data remains flexible enough to be visualised with minimal technical know-hows.

Frequently asked questions

We all know that Data is useful. But this is an era when companies generate huge amount of data. This data comes from disparate sources like sensors, social media, marketing and sales reports, customer feedback and more. If you can't properly collect all the data and transform it into usable form, you can't really analyse it and get insights. This is where Data Engineering services come into play. Data Engineering is the process of collecting data from disparate sources and the cleaning, organising and transforming it into readily usable data sets.
There are many Data Engineering service providers in India. Before contacting one, please ensure that the company works with the tech stack that you are comfortable with. At Automation Factory, our Data Engineering services leverage a wide range of platform agnostic technologies. Experience a complete and automated ETL process that uses YOUR technology and adapts to your unique business use case.
A good Data Engineer will create alternative Data Ingestion and Data Transformation pipeline that will work independently of the existing process. At Automation Factory, we do just that. This ensures smooth flow of your day to day work with zero disruption.
The basic purpose of any Data Engineering service in India collection of data and transforming it into usable information. So the first step of Data Engineering services is the extraction of data from disparate sources. Then comes data cleaning and transformation of data. This is done keeping the individual use cases that vary company to company. Lastly, the Data Engineering service loads the transformed data into another storage - preferably Data Warehouse - ready to be analysed and visualised.


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